GJLG Attorney Shannon Underwood Quoted in Article

Yellow Scene magazine’s September 2010 edition included an article called “American Limbo,”  discussing the devastating impact of our country’s immigration laws on one family in Colorado.   Darren, a U.S. citizen, is fighting for legal status for his wife, Alma.  Darren and Alma have two children together, and Alma has one child from a previous marriage.  They have been married for over two years, and have spent almost that long navigating the complicated and convoluted U.S. immigration system to try to obtain permanent residency for Alma.    Alma and her husband have been separated for several months, while she seeks to obtain an immigrant visa from the U.S. embassy in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.  Darren struggles to support his family without the assistance of his wife.

Shannon Underwood, a partner at Global Justice Law Group, is quoted at length in the article as “a highly respected immigration specialist and an immigration reform champion.”  Shannon states,  “If you’ve been in the country for over a year without (legal documentation) and leave, it immediately starts a 10-year ban on your return. Now, you can qualify for a waiver, but you have to prove extreme hardship on your sponsor family—for instance, you’re the primary caregiver and your sponsor has cancer, or something like that. If she had stayed here and worked through the process locally, she would have had some other legal protections, like the appellate court system.” 

The article demonstrates the difference that experienced immigration advice can make for a family such as the one featured in the article.  

To read the entire text of this article, go to http://yellowscene.com/2010/09/20/american-limbo/.


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