The Power of the Latino Vote in America

America’s Voice, a pro-immigration communications group, published a report showing how Latino voters have increased their political power over the last decade.  This large and growing political block have had a decisive impact in races at all levels, including the presidential election. The authors of The Power of the Latino Vote in America predict that in 2010, Latino voters are poised to play a crucial role in key House, Senate, and gubernatorial races across the country.

As the Latino electorate grows in size and power, candidates from all political parties must take their views into account to remain viable in an increasing number of races. The Latino electorate does trend Democratic overall, perhaps because of the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has increasingly come from Republican members of Congress.  However, foreign-born, naturalized U.S. citizens of Latino descent — representing 40% of the Latino voter population— has proven to be a true swing constituency.

This updated report lays out trends in Latino voting patterns over the last several years.  The authors examine some of the factors that influence this segment of the electorate. The report features a list of “Races to Watch”—forty-one battleground House, Senate and gubernatorial contests where Latino voters will play a key role—and details the congressional districts where Latino voting power is most concentrated.

The complete report can be downloaded from the America’s Voice website.


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